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M106 Spiral Galaxy

This portrait of M106 contains only the inner structure around the halo and nucleus of this Seyfert II active galaxy. Large amounts of gas from the galaxy are thought to be falling into and fueling a supermassive black hole contained in the nucleus.

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Sky has been one of the first curious things in our childhood. The first question of every child looking up at the sky are "Why does the moon walk along with me? Why do some stars twinkle while others don't? Why is their a Rabbit on the moon?" and a lot more. You are lying if you don't admit that you haven't thought of being an Astronaut on growing up at one point or other of your childhood. But then comes the schooling and the cut-throat competition of life and we forget the wonders of the sky. Krittika is a place where you can revive the child in you and look up at the sky. Its a group of astronomy enthusiasts who admire the vastness of the sky, the Sun, the planets, the moon, the stars, the galaxies and a lot more. Our vision is threefold:



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